Which Water Filtration System is Best for the House?

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What is the Best Water Filtration System?

As the most environmentally friendly option, whole house filtration systems optimize your water quality while negating the environmentally harmful effects of disposable filtration systems. Knowing that your water is high quality and safe to drink has numerous benefits for you and your family. An excellent water supply is one of the most important parts of ensuring a healthy home. Showers, ice cubes, drinks, baths – these all involve the use of water, and the integrity of your home water supply should be favorable.

Bottled water has been falling out of favor lately, due to its impact on the environment, and cost. Pitcher water filters usually use granulated activated charcoal to remove contaminants, and are less expensive than bottled water. However, pitcher water filters are less effective than a whole house water filtration system, and requires frequent filling and refilling, which is time-consuming. Whole house water filtration systems remove the worst contaminants and are the most environmentally friendly option.

What is the Water Filtration Process?

Generally speaking, your water goes through a water purification process before it even enters your tap. Water purification is defined as the process of removing impurities from water, and thus rendering it potable, or drinkable. These impurities range from biological contaminants, suspended solids, to gases. The first step toward purification involves pretreatment, which generally involves removing all debris from the water, screening, storage and pre-chlorination. The pH is adjusted, and particles are then removed. As waters enter and exit storage basins, sedimentation occurs. During this process, particulate that is heavier than the water elements settled. Sludge storage and removal also occurs.

What are the 4 Steps of Water Treatment?

Water filtration systems are fairly straightforward. The first step is prefiltering. Water enters the home through a pre-filter which removes larger particulates and contaminants. Next, chlorine removal is enacted. When chlorine is removed, the water looks and tastes better. Next, the water goes through an activated charcoal filter. Charcoal removes the rest of the impurities that the chlorine filter, and pre-filter were unable to prohibit. The last step is waste removal. If a whole house filter system uses reverse osmosis, it will produce the most waste. Using a water system that uses a UV light and activated charcoal will introduce less waste into the water.

How Much does a Whole House Water Filter Cost?

Whole house water filters are not inexpensive. By all means, the cost of ensuring the water quality in your home has a corresponding price tag. That should not dissuade you, however, from investing in a system if it is pertinent for your needs. The national average for a whole house filter is approximately $1,768.00. The range extends from $830-$2,706.

While you are considering an investment in a whole house water filter, why not also contemplate home exterior services? You home is your biggest investment. Make your investment as profitable as possible!

How Long Does a Whole House Water Filter Last?

How long your whole house water filtration system depends on the type of filtration system you have selected. Water filters will need to be changed, corresponding to the owner’s manual and directions your plumber has indicated. It is important that these water filters be changed, as the purpose of the filters will be negated with deterioration. The standard replacement schedule for the sediment pre-filter is every three to six months, and for the sub-micron-post-filter, every nine to twelve months.

Water Filtration Issues

As with any sophisticated system, there can be problems. Here are a list of issues that water filtration units can have:

  • The filter installed is not compatible with the local water conditions. Extremely hard water presents a problem for most filtration units. A whole house filtration unit should be extremely heavy duty to combat the serious build-up of organic fragments that compromise the ability of a filtering system.
  • Damaged tank. A filtration system features several different components, and all must be functioning correctly in order for proper water filtration to take place. If the tank has too much corrosion, it can’t deliver water at a pressure high enough to enable the water filter to function at a high level.
  • Clogged filter. The filter’s most important job is to trap particles. If this basic function is inhibited, problems develop, and only get worse until addressed.
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Water Filtration for Drinking Water

There are many different reasons why it’s important to filter your drinking water. Even though the traditional water purification infrastructure in the United States provides an excellent barrier, there are still contaminants that occur in the local water supply. Knowing you have clean water is one less worry in the larger scheme of life.

Water Filtration with Charcoal

Filtering water with charcoal is an sterling example of water filtration. Charcoal removes various contaminants and water impurities using chemical adsorption. Adsorption is a process whereby pollutant molecules are trapped inside the pore structure of the carbon substrate. Activated charcoal filters perform best at removing chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds, and taste and odor.

Water Filter Like Brita

A brita water filter, commonly found in the water pitchers of the same name, are a popular choice for homeowners. Brita is a German company that produces water jugs, kettles, and tap attachments with integrated disposable filters. These parts are available online, and in certain home improvement stores.

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