What’s Good for Cleaning Drains?

Liquid Drain Cleaners, Especially Pure Lye, Can Be Effective Against Tough Clogs.

What is the best chemical to unclog drains?

There are several drain cleaners on the market today. The best option for drain cleaner is a liquid chemical cleaning solution. One of the most effective chemicals for drain cleaning is lye, or sodium hydroxide. Industrial strength pure lye is available to use for cleaning drains and effectively washes away built up residue and other things causing the clog.  

Take care when using chemical drain cleaners. Some of the harsh chemicals, when used regularly over time, can cause your pipes to corrode which may cause leaks. When you have a really tough clog, it’s best to call in a professional drain cleaning service that can use augers or even hydro jetting to clear your pipes of clogs.

If you find your drains damaged in some way make sure to get in touch with drain repair specialists like Plumbing 360. We provide a full range of plumbing services including drain repair in Tucson, AZ. Give us a call at (520) 351-0629.

Can Drano make a clog worse?

You have to take care when using drain cleaners like Drano. These products can actually make the clog worse rather than clearing it, especially if the clog is of a significant size or a hair clog. In some cases the drain cleaner can cause the material to congeal and become more solid. In other cases, the material may get loosened by the cleaner, just to form a clog deeper in the system. On the other hand, regularly flushing your system with a non-acidic drain cleaner can actually help prevent clogs from forming.

What’s the best homemade drain cleaner?

There are several ways you can clear a clog without calling a drain cleaning service or using a harsh chemical cleaner bought at the store.

Here is a list of effective drain cleaning remedies that clear some of the toughest clogs:

  • Dish soap and hot water: You can boil about 2 liters (about 64 ounces) of water mixed with about 2 tablespoons of liquid dish soap and slowly pour the mixture down the drain. It may take several tries to clear the clog, but this is really effective against grease clogs.
  • Wire coat hanger: You can use the hooked end of a wire coat hanger to fish out any hair or food particles clogging the pipe.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: Place about ½ cup of baking soda down the drain followed by about ½ cup of vinegar. Plug the drain and let it sit for an hour. Afterward pour boiling water down the drain until the clog is clear.
  • Salt, Borax and vinegar: Use a mixture of ¼ cup of salt, ¼ cup of Borax and ½ cup of vinegar and add boiling water and let it sit for about an hour or until the clog clears. Rinse with hot water from the tap.
  • Baking soda and salt: Mix about ½ cup each of baking soda and salt and pour it down the drain. Let it sit for anywhere between a half hour and overnight before pouring boiling water in.
  • Rubber plunger: This works especially well for the kitchen sink. Start by filling the sink about halfway with warm water and then begin plunging until the drain is clear.  

How do you dissolve hair in a drain?

While you can buy drain cleaners at the store that dissolve hair, you can also dissolve hair in a drain with bleach. The bleach is a base and neutralizes the acidic hair. To dissolve the hair, pour about 1 cup of liquid bleach into the drain. Rinse off any metal finishes to avoid damage. The process should take about half an hour for the hair to dissolve. If your drain will not drain at all it’s best to call a professional drain cleaning service. A plumber will have the know-how and the right tools to clear the clog.

What is a drain cleaning service

Almost any plumber provides drain cleaning service. A drain cleaning service usually involves clearing the clog with an augur or drain snake or if the clog is particularly severe using a hi-speed blast of water or hydro-jetting. At Plumbing 360, we can also inspect your pipes using a waterproof camera to find the source of the clog.

In the same way you protect your pipes from clogs, a good roof will protect your home from damage. If you want a durable roof, you might want to try metal roofing.

Drain cleaning for shower

Any of the methods listed above in homemade remedies can be effective ways to clear a clog in a shower. Also,if the clog is caused primarily by hair, it can be cleared with bleach. Or you can use a chemical drain cleaning liquid bought at the store. For really severe clogs it’s best to get help from a professional drain cleaning service like Plumbing 360. If you are doing it yourself, make sure to wear gloves and safety goggles to avoid burns to hands and eyes. Also make sure not to mix different chemical cleaners as they may react and damage your system.

Drain cleaning with vinegar and baking soda

It’s also possible to clear a clog with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, as outlined above. Pour about ½ cup each down the drain, plug it for about an hour and then pour in boiling water. You may need to pour down several pans of boiling water to get the clog to clear completely.

Drain cleaning and camera

When you get help from a drain cleaning service like Plumbing 360, we can snake waterproof cameras through your pipes to find the clog and spot other problems with your plumbing.

Using a Plunger is an Effective Way to Clear a Drain.

Drain cleaning and plumbing

Drain cleaning and plumbing go hand in hand. Clearing drains is one of the main jobs we get called out on.

So, when you have a seriously clogged drain and need a professional drain cleaning service in Tucson, AZ, ours is the team to call. Reach out to us by calling (520) 351-0629.