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Gas Boiler Water Heater

Water heaters come in a variety of options such as this gas boiler.

Your water heater is a machine that shouldn’t be ignored when it behaves unnaturally. Not only does it provide you with warmth when seasons are cold, but it also assists in energy costs when environmentally efficient models are chosen! A faulty water heater can set your day back in its natural progression, but with our qualified serviceman at Plumbing 360, you’ll be able to get back into your daily routine with fast and diligent repairs and replacements. The benefit in considering a water heater installation with us is that you may be able to qualify for federal tax credits if you purchase a high-efficiency water heater! If you’re interested in learning more about ways of how you can save on energy costs, our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions that you may have so you can get the water heater you can benefit most from!   

Signs of Water Heater Problems

When it comes to water heater problems, there are various different reasons why your water tank could be acting up. The most common issue usually involves water heater leaking, water leaks tend to occur when plumbing connections or parts are misaligned, such as corrupted or loosened valves. Problems in the tanks could be due to loose heating elements or corrosion. In the case of misalignment or loose connections, some simple water heater leak repairs can be made such as tightening connections with the appropriate tools.  In the case of gas water heater repair in regards to leaks, if there is a smell of rotten eggs then you should *contact your plumber immediately as this may signify a leak in the gas line which could pose more threatening dangers to your business or home.

*If a gas leak is present, please vacate the premises and call emergency services before giving us a call! If you’re needing emergency water heater repairs than you’ll be happy to know that we offer emergency plumbers that make efforts to respond to you within the day! 

As far as corrosion in your water heater, it’s best, in that case, to have water heater replacement as damages most likely have compromised your unit. Signs of water heater corrosion includes water that has a yellow, brown or red tint to it. If you notice the smell of rotten eggs, then this could be a sign of growing bacteria in which the solution can be to replace the anode rod inside the tank. With corrosion, it’s important to note that sometimes the problem could be corrosion in your pipelines and not the water heater itself. Finally, if you are simply noticing that you have some hot water flowing through your systems but not enough, then a simple fix could be adjusting your water heater’s thermostat. If adjustments aren’t working, then it could be that the water heater’s thermostat may need to be replaced.

Types of Water Heaters

Water heaters have come a long way in the benefits they provide in saving on energy costs and overall water consumption. Here a few choices to consider when pondering on water heater replacement or a new installation. When considering tankless water heater installation, know that this option instantly heats water as it passes through the device and doesn’t store water in a tank. Therefore, it doesn’t produce standby energy losses and therefore reduces your bill. Tankless water heaters typically have a heat exchanging coil with different options of materials you can choose from that can produce high thermal conductivity and ease of fabrication.

Electric water heater installations are a good option if you need water heated immediately as it stores an amount of water in an insulated cylinder that is ready for use. They can be a good alternative to gas water heaters as they don’t require venting. As for gas water heater replacement or installations, it’s important to note that it runs on natural gas which tends to be more cost-efficient than electricity. Even if the electricity goes out you can still use and operate it as it runs on a pilot light switch. When hot water is needed, a sensor activates the gas burner which heats water in the heat exchanger. A gas water heater continuously burns water in a storage tank at the bottom of the unit.

Qualified Plumbers Can Help in Your Water Heater Repairs!

Contact a qualified plumber for your next water heater repairs!

When considering what water heater option is best for you, take into mind the longevity of performance as well as energy efficiency! Our technicians will be able to discuss beneficial options of using insulation and high-efficiency products which can ultimately aid you in reducing utility costs while contributing to the environment! It’s important that maintenance checks be conducted seasonally on your units to ensure proper functionality of your water heater. Don’t stay in the frigid waters for too long, with Plumbing 360 water heater repairs you’ll be able to have warm water running again!

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