Signs of Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems, no one likes them and we try to avoid them at all costs when we can. However, we can’t all be perfect and oftentimes issues may arise out of our hands no matter how proactive or attentive we are. When it comes to plumbing issues, they can either be hard to detect or rather obvious upon sight or with failed attempts at using an appliance. What’s more, some plumbing issues may stew in minor inconveniences and then suddenly erupt into catastrophic events weeks or months down the line. That’s why it’s very important to keep up with any signs we may notice and not brush it off when they occur. It’s easier to fix minor issues than spend the big bucks on over-blown issues that could have been fixed in its beginning stages! Here are some signs to keep in mind indicating that your home or business may be caught in the throes of a plumbing problem.

You’re Hearing Strange Noises

With all the strange noises emitting from your pipes, sinks or toilet it may be that you think your property is haunted! Thankfully, you should know that that’s not the case! If you’re hearing gurgling sounds whenever you run your laundry, dishwasher or use your toilet then it could mean that there is a clog in your drains and your plumbing system is trying to find air. If this noise is accompanying your washing machine, shower or dishwasher it may be best to turn off your water temporarily until a plumber is called over to prevent the risk of water backing up and into your property!

Another case of non-poltergeists noise can be hearing water pass through your piping or toilet. When this is the case, it is most likely that one of your pipes are experiencing a water leak. Additionally, if you’re hearing hissing noises in your toilet than this could instead mean that the internal tank is worn out. (Other noises on the bathroom throne could mean simple fixes like replacing worn flappers.) A way to trace damages to your water line could be to spot wet or brown spots on your floors, walls or ceiling. If you feel the spot and notice it’s warm you can isolate the issue to your hot water line. Another way to isolate the damaged area is to check your water meter to see if it’s spinning and turning it off to see how it reacts. If the noises stop than it could mean that leaks are isolated to the hot water side which can assist the plumber in isolating repairs.

Your Water is Acting Up

When using your water, you may experience low water pressure or slow drainage. Worst case scenarios for low water pressure could be buildups inside pipes, pipe water leaks, fractures in the pipe or a corroded waterline. More simple problems could be faucet buildup with minor repairs or cleaning the residue in your sink’s aerator. If you’re experiencing slow water draining than it may be time to clean your drains. Avoid the use of chemical cleaners as these can actually corrode your pipes, a simple clearout can involve the use of a plumber’s snake or auger. If all else fails then it may be best to contact the services of your local plumber.

During the wintertime, if your water is no longer running, you see frost or moisture on exposed pipes or you hear clanking when you try to turn on your faucet than these could be signs of a frozen pipe! It’s best in these cases to call on a professional to thaw them out as DIYs can lead to cracks or a pipe bursting. In order to prevent freeze thaws, if you know your region will be dropping to colder temperatures than normal than be sure to have your faucets dripping overnight and during the day to provide pipe movement. You can also leave sink cabinet doors open to allow for warm air to circulate inside. Ultimately, both of these methods can help in preventing the freezing of your pipes.

There are Odd Scents in the Air

It’s everyone’s worse nightmare, a broken sewer line! Oftentimes, the scents associated with a broken vent or sewer pipe may give skunk odors a run for their money! In cases such as this, you may smell scents of sulfur or raw sewage. Oftentimes, overly green patches of grass in localized areas can a be a sign of a broken sewer line nearby as waste can act as a fertilizer to plants. Another more dangerous example of odious odors is that of rotten eggs. This scent is not to be ignored as this scent is often added to gas from manufacturers in order for people to detect the naturally odorless scent. Make sure to get to an area of safety first to prevent light-headedness and call 911 before you call your local plumbers. It’s vital to not turn any appliances, devices or electricity on or off (including cell phones, computers or light switches) as anything can set off a spark that can lead to gas explosions.

Stay safe and remember to contact your local plumbing company whenever you first see signs of a plumbing problem!

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