Trenchless Sewer Repair

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Trenchless Water Service Replacement

With trenchless sewer repairs, only relevant access points are dug in.

When you’ve found out that your sewer line may need repairs, instead of using trench options that only add more time to repairs and fixtures, choose a more cost-effective and time-efficient alternative! Our experts at  Plumbing 360 know that when it comes to extensive pipe replacements, logistics can be a headache. That’s why we’ve developed methods to ease you into the process without sacrificing time and landscape design! You can be sure to rely on our certified and experienced plumbers in providing quality services with an attractive final look! If you have a property in the Tucson, AZ area, then we’re the local plumbing company that you can come back to and trust!

Video Camera Inspection

Trenchless sewer line repair has been a process that has been formed by plumbers after time and experience of noticing that the process of sewer pipe repairs involved too much landscape digging that was often more extensive and excessive than the area needed for repairs. This was mostly due to the fact that there wasn’t a technological advantage for plumbing inspections. In order to see what could be wrong with pipe functionality in the past, the whole line had to be investigated before repairs could be made. Now with the latest in video camera technology, plumbers are able to send a waterproof camera down the cleanout area of a plumbing system in order to conduct initial investigations on where the issue lies. By localizing the problem areas, only relevant digging is followed through around the immediate damaged plumbing line.

With video camera technology, a miniature camera is supported by a flexible cable which is able to travel through the many twists and turns of a pipe system. A screen allows for the plumber to see what the camera sees and thereby notice if there are any corrosive areas, breaks, pinholes, root invasion or other evidence of damage that would call for sewer line repairspipe leak repairs or new plumbing installations or replacements. We here at Plumbing 360 recognize that it’s always important to conduct plumbing inspections for this reason. There are many possibilities as to why a plumbing system can be acting up, in order for cost-effective solutions to be taken into consideration, a thorough investigation is essential!

Trenchless Repair Options

Sewer Pipe Lining

When sewer lines show signs of several leaks and crack formations around the expanse of the pipeline than your pipe may be breaking down. The method that is usually called for in cases such as this is pipelining, aka cured-in-place pipe restoration! A durable epoxy resin flexible tube is inserted inside the current pipe’s opening and with air pressure, an inversion process begins which pushes the entire lining into the older pipe. It then inflates to take on the shape of the pipe and adheres to its walls. Once a few hours have passed, the epoxy resin cures and bonds with the pipe and creates a more seamless and solid pipe!

Sewer Pipe Pulling

When the results of a plumbing inspection have determined that damages are too severe or sections of the piping systems have experienced full collapse, then the option that is usually recommended and preferred are sewer pipe replacements. Pipe pulling or pipe bursting first involves trenchless sewer line replacement methods where only two holes are dug up for excavation with a diameter large enough to feed a new pipe and it’s accompanying cable in. A cone-shaped pointed metal expander head is then inserted into the older pipe with the new pipe following immediately behind. The expanding steel head breaks apart the older pipe to make way for the new pipeline which takes its place. This method is beneficial in sewer replacements, such as main sewer line replacements, as it allows for the simple attachment of the new pipe to the already existing sewers that are next to the new line!

Invasive Tree Roots Breaks Pipe

Invasive tree roots can infiltrate & completely break your pipes!

Whenever you’re considering sewer line repairs, go trenchless! Not only are you saving on time, but you are also contributing to the environment by not damaging too much of the greenery of your yard! As trenchless options only require relevant digging, you’ll be sure to maintain the integrity of your landscape! Our expert plumbers conduct fixtures with strategies that will provide a fine end result! If you have any questions regarding pipe material options or other logistical questions regarding the process of trenchless sewer line repairs than give us a call! Our friendly staff is ready and able to guide you through your options and provide you with clarity on what to expect when repairs begin! Have ease of mind and don’t stress too much if your sewer line breaks, Plumbing 360 will provide you with a durable new line that will have great longevity!

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