Slab Leak

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Slab Leaks Occur Under the Property!

Leaking water under a property.

What is a slab leak? The slab of your home is the concrete underneath which your pipes reside, it’s also the concrete foundation where your home rests. The reason behind placing pipes in the foundation of your home is because it’s the most effective and least expensive way to install plumbing and get water into your home. When a slab leak occurs, the pipes in your foundation have either become corroded, formed a crack, puncture or has burst. Water then escapes from its natural route and may pool underneath your home. This can be dangerous as with moistened soil your foundation can shift.

When you see signs of a slab leak, it’s important that you contact a professional plumber to inspect the landscape of your home so repairs can be made. When you’re in need of assistance for detecting slab leak symptoms, rely on the expert services of Plumbing 360! We’ll be able to determine how extensive damages are and provide you with cost-effective options of pipe leak repairs or new pipe installations.

Corrosion and Soil

The older your home is, the more susceptible it can be to pipe bursts or pinhole leaks caused by corrosion. That is mainly due to the fact that when your home is more settled into its foundation there is a higher chance of vulnerability to outside factors and influences. Since your pipes live in soil, the chemical compounds in your piping material and concrete can react negatively when coming into contact with the chemical elements that live and develop in soil and moisture. With cold and hot water pipes, phenomena can occur differently albeit similarly. In cold water pipes, electrolysis or galvanic corrosion can occur from the inside of the pipe out. The electrolytes of fresh water come into contact with the electrical potential of two dissimilar metals, current is then formed and an adverse reaction through corrosion is created. Since water is a weak electrolyte, this type of corrosion is rarer than others. Although, with copper pipes in older homes, this phenomena is the likely culprit.

However, no matter the material of piping you use, with age comes more susceptibility to outside pressures, movement, and influences that can cause deterioration or damages. As far as hot water pipes, corrosion can occur from the outside of the pipe in. This is usually due to the adverse reaction that piping material can have with the natural elements of soil. However, this type of corrosion can also occur from natural wear from pipe movement against the soil when water pressure is high and causes shaking. In turn, soil shifting can apply certain pressures on and around your pipe in different directions which heavily affects pipe deterioration and the formation of cracks.

Slab Leak Signs

Although it’s good to take note of what is happening beyond our sight and beneath the ground of our home, we aren’t able to see these occurrences and instantly know that a slab leak is happening. Thankfully, there are many signs in and around the outside areas surrounding a home that can help you with slab leak detection. It’s important to conduct periodic plumbing maintenance check-ups so you may catch some of these signs in their initial moments of appearance. Many times with slab leaks, signs can start off small and then progress to an alarming degree. Therefore, it’s better to fix issues as they occur since waiting can only aggravate existing phenomena and snowball into other problems in your home. If you are noticing any of these signs, give us a call!

Slab Leaks Occur Under the Concrete of Properties!

Slab leak under the concrete of a property.

  • Hearing water moving or hissing
  • Hearing an unknown gurgling or trickling sound
  • Areas of your floor that are unusually warm
  • Damp floors or carpets Warped hard flooring
  • Water pooling on the ground surrounding your home
  • Doors that stick or bind
  • Drywall cracks caused by slab movement
  • Unknown mold or mildew
  • A musty odor in the air
  • A hot water heater that is always running
  • Lower water pressure
  • Seeing a spike from your water and electricity bills

Slab Leak Repair Options

Slab leak repairs options can range from pipe repairs to full on epoxy repairs and lower level demolition or replacements. If you are in the need of an emergency plumber, we’ll be able to perform an inspection to localize the damaged areas so minimal digging can be done. We offer trenchless sewer repair options so we won’t cause any unnecessary damage to your landscape. Once there, we’ll be sure to discuss fixture options with you so we may make strides to resolve the issue in as swift and diligent a manner as possible. Whenever you’re noticing signs of a slab leak, don’t hesitate to give us a call! We’re happy to answer any questions that you may have so we can get into action and assist you!

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