Pipe Leak Repair

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Pipe Leak Caused by a Nail

Pipe leaks can be caused by punctures like this nail!

When you’re in need of water leak repairs for your home or business, it’s best to address the concern before problems worsen. A pipe leak can occur for a number of reasons with varying solutions. When you’re searching for fixtures, rely on a qualified professional to get the job done with minimal wet zones! At Plumbing 360 we’ve got over 16 years of experience to back us up! We are well equipped with all the necessary plumbing tools so we may be able to perform a wide range of plumbing repairs. We’re always making strides to provide customer satisfaction, that’s why we like to narrow down the many possibilities of potential plumbing problems with free plumbing inspections! If you’re having a pipe leak and need pipe leak repairs, we’ve got your back!

Signs of a Pipe Leak

When a leak occurs in your pipe there could a freeze that’s caused a burst or crack or any number of other reasons such as loosened connections or seals. Water pressure in pipes vary and there are normally 50 pounds weighed down every square inch. Detecting a leak can be obvious at times and at others, it can be confusing. Normally when there’s a pipe leak you may see or hear some clues. Pipes can rumble due to heavy pressures or stains can appear on walls or ceilings. If you see water staining or dripping from these areas than chances are that a pipe leak is occurring from above. However, it can get tricky when water has the ability to travel down joists and interior framing so the location can vary from where you detected the leak. Some cases can be traced into basements or crawlspaces while others can be placed elsewhere.

Pipe Materials

Depending on the period of time that your house was constructed, pipes can have a range of available materials out there and depending on the type can be susceptible to certain damages. A sign of an older home, for example, are copper pipe systems. These don’t bode well during freeze-thaw cycles and often require copper pipe leak repairs for subsequent pipe bursting. Yet even modern homes may require PVC pipe leak repairs due to loose connections or too much water pressure. As of such, when it comes to piping material, they can be made from plastics (like polyvinyl chloride aka PVC, polyethylene aka PEX, grey plastic polybutylene or PB and high-density polybutylene or HDPE) or metals (like copper, galvanized steel, cast iron, black iron, and stainless steel.)  

Reasons for Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks can occur due to structural damages or influences that may lead to wear, environmental factors as well as age. Here are some reasons that your pipe may be leaking which may cause a need for water pipe repair.

Pipe Leak Repair for Your Home or Business!

When you’re in need of pipe leak repairs call a professional!

  • Pipe Clogs or Build Up: clogs and buildup can affect the water pressure on pipes and eventually weaken the structure to become sensitive to force.
  • High water pressure: when water is more forceful, pipe walls can weaken and become more sensitive to leaks.
  • Pipe Cracks: cracks can occur from freezes in cold temperatures, impact or root invasion.
  • Age: improper galvanization can cause corrosion from the inside out through time
  • Pipe Corrosion: certain pipe materials can react negatively to the chemical compounds in water and can corrode from the inside out. They can corrode from the outside in with reaction to compounds in soil.
  • Broken Seals: the seals on water connectors can naturally degrade over time.
  • Pipe Joints: pipe joints are some of the most vulnerable parts of a pipe and can react negatively to extremely high water pressures.
  • Pipe Water Connectors: if pipes have poor installation or water pressure is high enough than pipe connections can loosen or become knocked from an outside force.
  • Tree Root Intrusion: roots can aggravate the materials of pipes and if the pipes are weak enough can seep into or cause cracks.

Plumber Repairing a Pipe LeakIf your pipe leak is connected to a more serious issue like a burst pipe or other pipe damages that require pipe replacement or plumbing installations, we have trenchless repair options that will minimize landscape digging so only the most relevant areas are dug! If you’re noticing that there is a pipe leak in your Tucson, AZ home or business, time is of the essence so problems don’t escalate into further damages to your walls or foundation! Our qualified professionals are experienced in all kinds of pipe repair techniques and will be sure to operate in a timely and diligent manner. Contact us now so we can narrow down the problem and offer you cost-effective solutions!

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