Leak Detection

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Leak Detection Can Assist in Localizing Repairs!

Leak detection technology can localize the issue for future repairs!

Leaks can be hard to track in some cases and may require the assistance of technology, that’s where electronic leak detection comes in! In the past, leak detection was subjected to the use of a doctor’s stethoscope to amplify the sound of water dripping in the walls and floors, now we’ve upgraded! The plumbers of today can now count on the services of various electronic leak detection types of equipment that are able to be run over flat surfaces and listen to the sounds underneath and between floors and walls. If you’re experiencing a pipe leak and require plumbing inspection than rely on Plumbing 360!

In general, water makes noises as it moves along a pipe. When a pipe is broken you may hear a rushing sound, with leaks, there can be trickling or dripping sounds. After conferring with you about what you’ve noticed we may be able to use a transducer along with a computer program to listen to the frequencies of leaking water that will send information back to the technician. This information can determine how far away the leak is and whether you’re hearing a loose gasket, a leaky faucet or cracked pipe. With an electronic leak detection device, you won’t have to risk tearing open a wall or floor in order to find out where a leak is. Once the area of the leak has been localized, only minimal openings will be created to patch up the leak. If damages are extensive, it may be best to consider pipe leak repairs or new replacements. If you have any questions regarding the process of repairs or would like to know cost-effective options we’re more than happy to assist you! Give us a call, our friendly representative are able and ready to serve you with your budget in mind!

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