Green Plumbing Services

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Green Plumbing Benefits the Environment & Lowers Bill Costs!

Green plumbing can assist you in water conservation & lower utility costs!

There have been many strides in improving products over the years in order to benefit in creating a healthier environment while also benefiting your pocket! What needs to be applauded about green products is the convenience that it gives to initiating lower power supplies which greatly lowers the costs of water and energy bills for homes and businesses. Consider Plumbing 360 in the installation of appliances that can lower your ecological footprint and conserve water usage!

Some examples of our Green Plumbing services can include:

  • Hot Water Recirculation
  • Tankless Water Heaters (You may be eligible for a tax credit!)
  • Dual Flush Toilets
  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Water Purification
  • Low Flow Water Fixtures

Green Plumbing with Water Conservation

Water conservation was never so easy! There are many green plumbing options out there that not only benefit the environment but your lifestyle. With low flow fixtures for your showers and faucets, you can reduce water usage from as much as 60%! In turn, reduced flow faucet fixtures can be an easy to install alternative that can lower water usage by 40%! These upgrades are great for lowering the costs of monthly bills while being beneficial in saving water. One of the biggest drawbacks to water usages in most properties is toilet flushing. An average person per day will use about 28 gallons of water from this use alone! By installing a low-flush toilet, you can be saving 2-5 times less the amount of water per flush.

If you’re worried about losing money from an unknown water leak, consider installing a home leak monitoring device, you’ll be alerted when the sensor detects a problem so you’ll be able to find leaks as they occur and remedy plumbing repair issues before they worsen! Save on gallons of water from being wasted from a pipe, faucet or toilet leak! If in the end, you’ll be needing to upgrade in appliances such as dishwashers or clothes washers, be sure to consider energy efficient models that can reduce water consumption by as much as 50%!

Green Plumbing with Water Purification

Something to consider when thinking about how to make green plumbing initiatives in your home or business is water purification. There can be just as much emphasis on providing clean water as improving energy efficiency in water conservation. One initiative you can take is investigating your city’s water quality by getting a copy of a municipal water quality report. For some citys, this can be openly accessed online, if you don’t have access to this type of information, you can independently test your water to see if there any problems. If you’re considering water filtration systems then it’s essential that you know what you’re dealing with as far as contamination since different purification systems and models tackle different issues. Perhaps the most beneficial option is to invest in whole home water filtration systems which will actively get rid of unhealthy chemicals, microorganisms, and other particles out of each room’s water! A benefit to whole home water heaters is that they can extend the life of your water heater if you happen to live in areas with high sediment levels.

If you prefer to tackle each room differently, an individual alternative option can be to install chlorine filters on your shower head. In actuality, chlorine is faster absorbed through the skin than in drinking water by up to six times more! If you’re experiencing chlorine sensitivity, this may be a solution for you! As far as other forms of purification, you can install activated carbon filters and/or reverse osmosis systems. Both are active participants in a three-step water filtration system process. Activated carbon filters act as a sort of pre-filter that attracts and absorbs larger pollutants like sediment whilst reverse osmosis filters traps finer contaminants and impurities with high pressurized water flow through a semipermeable membrane. Installing these on your faucets or showers can aide in purified water for cooking, drinking or brushing your teeth.

Green Plumbing Fixtures Benefit Both the Environment & Personal Style!

Green plumbing fixtures & appliances can benefit both your lifestyle & the environment!

The next time you’re considering a new installation, try to give a hand to the advantages of green plumbing options! Our idea is, if you’re already going to be spending on an installation, why not choose an option that will save you more while benefiting the environment? If you have any questions regarding products and model options, we’re here to help! Our friendly staff is happy to discuss topics with you and guide you through possibilities so you can fit your budget! Our trained technicians are familiar with all types of installations and will guide you through the processes of using green plumbing systems! We encourage you to accept your role in contributing to Tucson, AZ‘s environment with cleaner and greener practices! Get green plumbing with Plumbing 360 by calling us today!

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