Garbage Disposal Repair

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Penny Removed from a Garbage Disposal

Objects can damage garbage disposals like this removed penny!

Your garbage disposal is a tool in your home or business that is often overlooked! In reality, garbage disposals are an environmentally friendly option for reducing landfill waste! Not only that but by placing food waste down the drain, you are helping lower methane gases that arise from rotted food in landfills! Your garbage disposal can be working improperly due to leaks or clogs that are backing up the flow of water from passing through. In some cases, it may be required to replace garbage disposals entirely due to wear through the progression of time. When you’re in need of garbage disposal repair in the Tucson, AZ area than look no further than Plumbing 360! Our qualified plumbers are equipped with the tool and processes necessary so your plumbing line can get back into working order so you can use your kitchen sink with ease!

Tips for Garbage Disposal Use

When considering kitchen drains, the likely reasons for improper water flow or poor garbage disposal functioning correlates directly to use and habits which can easily be modified! The first thing to keep into consideration when using your garbage disposal is what you are allowing to go down your sink. Remember, butter, grease and oils will often cool and remain in the inside of your pipes which can act as a glue to other foreign objects! It’s best to avoid this congealing effect of your drain lines as they may instigate more advanced drain cleaning. Consider these small tips to assist you in preventing clogged drains. Firstly, always make sure to turn on cold water before you add food to your garbage disposal and have it running at least 15 seconds afterward to ensure proper flushing of the main line. Avoid throwing in any stringy or fibrous foods as they’re difficult for your garbage disposal to grind up. (This includes celery, banana peels, potato peels, and others.) Finally, if you are wanting to avoid any unwanted objects or material from running into the line, install a drain trap into your sink for easy removal.

Leaking Garbage Disposal Repair

If you have a leaking garbage disposal, there are various reasons as to why that issue can be occurring. The first thing to look for in these cases is the location of the leak to see if it’s leaking from the top, bottom or middle. The reasoning behind this is that there can be different causes and factors that are contributing to the leak depending on the location. When there is leaking from the top, the likely culprit is the faulty connection of your garbage disposal to the sink’s flange. These seals can naturally loosen or even corrode over time and would either need to be replaced with a new flange, have the screws (if there any) retightened or be resealed with new plumbers putty. If you find a leak coming from the bottom, and have not mistaken it for a drip starting from the top making its way to the bottom, the likely cause is a busted seal inside the garbage disposal. This type of scenario is properly fixed by replacing the garbage disposal as seals wear out through time or by trying to fix the internal seal.

Garbage Disposal Service

Our Experts Can Repair Any Type of Garbage Disposal

Finally, the last scenario involves leaking from the sides of the garbage disposal unit. Here the issue will involve the two hoses where your garbage disposal connects to. One is the hose from the dishwasher which connects to your garbage disposal and the other is where your disposal drains out into your sewer.  your drain line that connects to your sewer as well as the connection to your dishwasher. The dishwasher’s metal clamp in connection to your garbage disposal may thereby need to be retightened or the main drain line may need to have the rubber gasket replaced or the screw connections tightened. Any of these scenarios can occur with your garbage disposal and it’s important for an inspection to occur so the location can be found with the correct follow up in repairs.

Don’t let a clogged or leaking garbage disposal limit the daily functions of your kitchen! When you’ve got a plumbing problem, call Plumbing 360 for a plumbing inspection so we can determine if it’s necessary to conduct in certain fixtures and protocols. Your garbage disposal is an essential feature to your home or business that can greatly reduce waste and support the environment! For garbage disposal repair or replacements, count on the plumbing services of qualified professionals and skilled plumbers! With our assistance, you’ll be assured that the job was done right the first time without the need for additional repairs!

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