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Give us a Call 24/7 for All of Your Plumbing Emergencies

At Plumbing 360, we know that emergency happens at inopportune times. That’s why we offer 24/7 customer help for emergency repairs in Tucson, AZ! As time is of the essence, we try to have our service professionals out servicing your home within 60 minutes to assist you with any plumbing problems that you may need help with! Don’t let an emergency plumbing problem ruin your home, call the emergency specialists as soon 24-hour emergency plumbing services you recognize a concern!

Scheduling and Charges

Plumbing 360 is proud to offer flat rates with the impetus of hardworking plumbing specialists that are able to provide you with quality services to all who live in the Tucson, AZ area! We want to give back to our community by offering 24-hour emergency plumbing service for your convenience in easily attainable plumbing repairs! When you’re in a panicked state, we don’t want you to worry about anything that can take away from the necessity of fixtures. That’s why we want you to know that you can count on us no matter the hour without worrying about overtime charges. Our response time after hours for emergency situations is 60 minutes! As far as appointments, we are generally able to do them on the same day and simply ask for a 2-hour window. In the case where we are already booked and the situation is manageable enough to where we can wait we will kindly ask if we can schedule the appointment for the next day. When cases imply urgency and can’t wait then we will make the accommodation of making it to your home on that day by moving the scheduling around or making it after business hours. If a call happens to fall under a holiday, however, there is an extra holiday charge that the technicians will get 100% of. We feel that if they are having to be on the job during a time when they are with their families than hey at least should be compensated for it.

Types of Plumbing Emergencies

Plumbing emergencies can happen in any way shape or form, some examples can include but are not limited to:

  • Problems with your water heater
  • Broken or burst pipe
  • Pipe leak
  • Sewage backup
  • Clogs
  • Water flooding
  • Gas line leak

It’s important in the event of an emergency to asses the situation to determine if you require contacting relevant emergency services like 911 before calling for emergency plumbing repairs! If your safety is at risk, as is seen with gas leaks, make sure you are a safe distance away from the disaster before calling 911 and then us! Although some emergencies may damage your property, your health and safety, as well as those of others around you, should always come first! Gas leaks, in particular, require that you not turn off, on or use any electronic devices or even electric appliances or fixtures such as your computer or light switch when a gas leak is present! Anything can set off a spark if the gas leak is severe enough and you don’t want to risk a fire!

Water flooding is another instance where you may debate what to do first! In these instances, the first thing to do if you are able to do so without posing risks to yourself or others is to try to stem the flow of water. If you are able to get to your main water shut-off valve to stop water from running then it is usually found near your water meter. In the event of a water meter, underlying issues may be the reason for the occurrence of flooding. Some situations that are the cause are typically broken water lines, piping problems or damaged water heaters.

Plumber's Toolbox

Our Technicians Are Ready to Help With Any Emergency

A sewage backup is something that no one enjoys, it can be a stressful situation but it’s important to keep a level head in order to get to the solving the problem. If you hear gurgling toilets, smelling pungent odors, experiencing multiple clogged drains and see water pooling around your property then these could all be signs of either a damaged sewer pipe or a sewage backup from a faulty sewer pump. If you’re experiencing sewer problems than avoid using any water such as flushing toilets, using your sink or other water appliances.

Our Technicians Are Ready to Help With Any Emergency

When in doubt as to what constitutes a plumbing emergency, give Plumbing 360 a call anyway! We have friendly staff ready and available to answer any of your questions and calm your concerns! We know that navigating through the mechanics of plumbing can be confusing and stressful, let us ease your worries as we guide you through the processes from beginning to end! Our qualified emergency plumbers are experienced in diagnosing all kinds of plumbing scenarios and will be able to fix your system back into operational order in no time! Contact us right away for a reliable and efficient emergency plumbing service!

For an emergency plumber call (520) 351-0629 with Plumbing 360 in Tucson, AZ!