Drain Repair

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Drain Repairs Can Happen For Any Room In Your Property!

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There are various reasons as to why your drain is acting up and causing problems to your home or business. When you’re in need of a drain plumber who knows what he/she is doing, then you’ll want to rely on the expertise of Plumbing 360‘s professionals! With over 16 years of experience, we are equipped with the tools and knowledge of various fixture models required for your drain repair. No matter the location, be it bathtub drain repair or kitchen sink drain repair, we’ve got you covered! If you require the help of plumbing installation services, we can guide you through a variety of options so you can benefit in a new style and new working function of a drain for your home or business!

Drain Problems

Possible drain issues may require simple fixes such as drain cleaning while others may hint at more extensive fixtures with drain pipe repairs or new pipe installations. Here are a few examples that call for drain repairs. One issue may be clogs or sediment build up when your drain isn’t catching or trapping properly (as can be the case with garbage disposal repairs.) In this case, it may be better to consider replacement or parts of models. Other cases may involve pipe damage beyond your range of sight as is seen with the formation of cracks or corrosion in fractured or collapsed pipes which is usually the result of too much pressure being applied to the top of drains. Roots and soil invasion can also contribute to breaks and blockages when problems have progressed far enough. Ultimately, when your pipes are on the older side, they can be more susceptible to any and all damages with the addition to concerns of delamination or natural deterioration.

Types of Drains

Depending on the area of concern with your property, there are types of drains that are more popularly used versus others. Nowadays, there are additional attachments or complementary parts which can assist in catching or filtering unwanted things that pass through your sink or tub. With shower drain repairs or tub drain repairs, an issue that may arise as far as parts are the performance of the drain gaskets or stoppers. However, depending on the type of drain that you have in your home, this may or may not be an issue. See if you have a drain that has any of these functionality types as seen below:

  • drains with trip lever
  • drains without trip levers
  • foot lock drains
  • roller ball drains
  • lift and turn tub drains
  • pop-up tub drains
  • plunger tub drains

Important Parts of Drains

When considering drain repairs, it’s important to be in tune with the main parts of the overall drain line as they incorporate different parts that are essential in proper drain functionality for your home or business. Ultimately, your drain pipes are smaller and connect to the larger citywide sewer system. If there is a problem in your drains, it can potentially affect the wider line. The most important part of a drain is the trap, these traps not only trap water inside they also play an important role in blocking odious sewer gases from infiltrating into your property. A drain trap consists of a nut which connects two pieces together with a threaded fitting. The seal of the trap is then screwed down with the nut which will then allow for water tightness.

Believe it or not, the vents of your home also play an essential role in your home’s plumbing or drainage systems as it allows for water to pass through drains. More recent home constructions actually have vents on the roof as vent pipes are usually held into place by roof flashing (which can be made from sheet metal, lead or heavy grade rubber.) Every drain pipe, be it in the wall or underground must have some type of pitch or slope that allows the natural forces of gravity to play out for wastewater to make it flow down and drain out.

A Qualified Plumber is Happy to Help You With Your Drain Repairs!

Allow for a qualified plumber to help you out with your drain repairs!

Don’t get confused about drain repairs, our professionals are here to come to your aide and answer any questions that you may have concerning fixtures! When a drain problem is occurring, it’s best to address the issue when it first comes into light as damages can only escalate if left ignored! Drain repairs are relatively light in comparison to other plumbing emergencies, that’s why it’s best to initiate simple repairs before they aggravate into serious matters! If you do have questions as to what constitutes a plumbing emergency, it never hurts to give the experts a call as they have knowledge gained from past experiences to help you out! Get the water flowing naturally again without the worries of future blockages or clogs by calling us today!

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