Bathroom Remodel

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Walk-In Shower Bathroom Remodel

A walk-in tub or shower will be a great addition to your home!

A bathroom remodel is a great way to update the functionality of a room and house without changing too much inside the home. Essential changes with a bathroom can greatly improve the design and layout of the room while increasing your home’s value! A bathroom remodel doesn’t need to cost too much, with your budget in mind we can discuss options that will provide the best in functionality while matching to your preferences. We have green plumbing options and various experiences in plumbing installations. You can count on the expertise of our professionals here at  Plumbing 360! With these bathroom improvements, you’ll be able to add a new sense of aesthetic and use to your space!

Remodeling by definition involves changing the appearance, structure, form or function of an area or thing. There are many options out there regarding appliances and structures that have different aesthetic value as well as updated features! When we first start the process, we will carry out a plumbing inspection of the areas to see what certain measurements and plumbing connections will be able to hold what and where. If you’re thinking of extending or installing a new plumbing line we’ll be happy to make the necessary changes! Your ease and comfort is a priority so if there are any specifications that you would like conducted for the bathroom remodel project than feel free to let us know! Here are some possible additions or replacements you can choose to incorporate!

Countertops are popular changes to incorporate into the room with variations such as marble or crushed glass that can pull in earthy or modern elements to the room while providing moisture protection to your surfaces! Switching out your cabinets or doors to updated wood designs can change the feel of your bathroom as well! Sinks can come in options such as freestanding bowls to vessel sinks that can fit into tight spaces or be mounted on the wall! Faucets have many types to choose from such as a ball, compression, cartridge or disc that all provide a different range of motion for turning the water on or off!Bathroom Sink and Countertop

Shower and tub replacements can incorporate new settings and ranges of options regarding water distribution! You can even choose to include walk-in bathtubs or showers! New materials, flooring and additional space can also be added to provide you with the comfort of use and movement. If you have a smaller space, no worries, we can make use of it by working with it as we’ll still be able to make changes that can upgrade the area! Toilets are often overlooked yet have a variety of options to choose from for an upgrade! One of the green plumbing options we have available are dual flush toilets! If you prefer adding a bidet with its many features or even changing the height of your toilet with options from comfort to standard height than consider it done!New Bath and Faucet

Whenever you’re in need of a bathroom remodel in Tucson, AZ count on the services of Plumbing 360! We’ll be able to find the best modes of construction for your space and set you up with structures that will be sure to upgrade the feel and use of the room! If you have any questions regarding the process of changes, give us a call and our friendly staff will be able to guide you from start to finish! You as a customer are our number one priority, we’re happy to work with you so you’re pleased with the results!

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